Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Pork Dinner at Valentina's in Putney

At the begining of the year the Guardian sent the Gargantuan Tim Hayward to take part in the annual pig slaughter of the family Zoccola. The videos and estactic commentary from Tim can be seen here and then the susage making extravangaza here
If you are watch either of these films with your eyes popping out of your head and your mouth drooling then you should come along to the meal the Zuccola family are preparing on Tues 30th March and Tim Hayward is hosting ( he promises not to talk for too long and to focus on the pig) at Valentina's in Putney
The menu is and is £50 all inclusive:

Prosecco on arrival. Olives, Nuts, Luppini Beans Etc.
Cotechino on a bed of Lentils
Bucatini Pasta with Coratella Insaccati (Pig’s Pluck) in a tomato sauce
Salsiccia Con Patate e Peperni
Lemon/Orange Sorbet
½ Bottle Wine Per Head

Valentina's is at 75 Upper Richmnd Street, the nearest Tube is East Putney.
Please book by calling   (020) 8877 9906
I hasten to add that this has not been organised by me but by Andre Dang, but as he is, lucky bugger, on holiday in Vietnam I have posted it on my blog.


Foodycat said...

That sounds like a brilliant meal! But Putney is such a schlep from Rickmansworth.

the lacquer spoon said...

My place is beyond the continent and sea, but hopefully.. I'll be able to enjoy your great dish one day!

Yuki'skitchen said...

It sounds great! my house is not too far from there. I will try this weekend!

Heather said...

Did the “Scot in London” happen to come from Lenzie orginally? If so...look up Heather Galloway (ne Sutherland) on Facebook?

A Scot in London said...

HEATHER!!! How on earth did you know it was me???

mary said...

Is it Zoccola or Zuccola?