Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Announcing the Girls' Steak Club

There is a very strange thing in Anglo-Saxon culture that would be worthy of in depth anthropological study and that is the gender assignation given to food. If you are not sure what I mean then look at the number of food reviews describing food as macho, separating men from boys, butch, etc etc. Almost everyone writing in English is at it.
Personally I blame Anthony Bourdain and the like. At some point chefs decided they were pirates and that cutting meat was akin to hoisting petards. Well I’m sorry boys you don’t swash buckles, you chop onions and last time I looked it wasn’t the same thing.
The losers in this, as always, are the women, as anything a man decided he liked became macho. So it is with steak
We – me and a few n’er do wells on twitter- have decided it was time that this imbalance in our culture was redressed and that a new phenomenon of women meeting for steak and martini, as opposed to afternoon tea and cakes, needs to be created.
The inauguration of the London Chapter of the Girls' Steak Club will take place on Tuesday 2nd Feb Hawksmoor Steakhouse 157 Commercial Street E1
The meat Hawksmoor serves is the reason men made steak macho.
The menu is below and is £40 per head with a sitting at 7pm and another one at 7.30pm
Apart from an initial martini, drinks are separate leaving you free to have your choice of cocktail, wine or anything else.



Tamworth Belly Ribs
Chargrilled squid with capers, shallots and watercress

Rib-eye (400g)
Bone-in Sirloin

Selection of sides

Please e-mail info@hawksmoor to book mentioning you are booking for The Girls' Steak Club.
If you are a disgruntled envious man reading this you are catered for in style the night before at a Boys Eat Beef organised by Simon Majumdar of Dos Hermanos. Please contact him for details via his website

The Girls' Steak Club. All the meat you can eat.

Update: Some not very frequently asked questions

I've been asked some questions on twitter and in person regarding the girls steak club so here are some of the questions and answers:
Why are there two sittings?
It's steak not stew so the restaurant can only do a certain number at a time. If there are too many of us for one sitting we will get served better in two. In reality some of you will arrive early, some late so we'll see what happens. All of you will get martini.
Is this an exclusive event?
If you are in posession of a XX chromosome, are over 18, and have sufficient social skills to be able to eat in a restauarant with cutlery you are welcome to come. Contact saying you would like to book for girls steak club. There isn't a particular limit on numbers, if you can book you can come. The more the merrier. The idea is to meet other women, have fun, and eat steak.
Can I come with friends?
Yes. If you would specifically like a separate table with your friends please let Hawksmoor know when you book. If you wouldn't, just e-mail them with the number of people that you are coming with.
Can I come alone?
Yes. Most of us know each other through twitter as opposed to real life (which is fast becoming an illusion for me at least). If you come by yourself there will be plenty of people able to hold a conversation with you. if you can't find any of them then come and talk to me. e-mail Hawksmoor and book a place for one at the girls steak club.
I can't come that night, when will there be another girl's steak club?
When you decide to organise one. Seriously. It's not been trademarked. Pick your restaurant, organise a menu with them and ask women to come. You can ask them on twitter, on Facebook at work or wherever. Just make sure the place you go to has good steak. You can make the numbers as inclusive or as exclusive as you like.
When will there be another one with a different cut of steak/different menu/in Manchester/ Glasgow/Bristol?
See above.


Food Urchin said...

Yeah yeah so you girly upstarts have your own steak night but I bet you won't be tearing the meat apart with your bare hands whilst shouting and laughing heartily, slapping each others backs, drinking mead and wearing horned viking helmets now will you.

We will.

A Scot in London said...

I'll pass on the mead but if any ladies would like to wear Viking helmets, feel free.

Greedy Diva said...

Very much looking forward to the steak and martini fest. I like my steak bloody and my martini dirty. Bring it on.

Blue Please said...

I can't make this event, but is there a way to connect with the Girls' Steak Club for other events... and get filets on the menu?


A Scot in London said...

Hi Heidi. I have answered your questions on the update. But you can also follow me on twitter at R_McCormack as well as people like Food Urchin (he's only joking about the mead and Viking Helmet - at least I hope he is) to find out what is going on.

Unknown said...

Great idea! I will be away sadly so will have to miss this one but next time!

Alicia Foodycat said...

This sounds brilliant! What a great idea!